Lorde – Sober (Live)

Lorde - Sober (Live) Mp3 Download

Lorde – Sober (Live) Mp3 Download

On Thursday (April 13) she teased that there’d be a 5 p.m. announcement the next day for “Southern California” and to keep the night free. Ending the tweet with an emoji of a cactus was perhaps a giveaway for an impromptu pre-Coachella set gig at this legendary 240 capacity barroom.

December 2014 was the last time Lorde performed live (aside from her recent SNL appearance, of course). The world has been baited for her return, and so far spoiled by the oppositional offerings of club ready ‘Green Light’ and beauteous ballad ‘Liability’. Tonight she emerges at a quarter past midnight after the remaining bars of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ end. You don’t get the impression Lorde considers herself to be picking up any such precocious batons, but you can sense the lineage here between one all-time great performer and another rising future superstar.

‘Sober’ is a sister track to ‘Green Light’, all syncopated beats, with a warped melodically non-obvious build. “My hips have missed your hips,” she sings, jumping around the stage in an almost translucent dress, grabbing one of the stage’s beams and swinging around it. With lyrics about losing her mind, feverish dreams and being “f–ked up,” it climaxes with the question “what will we do when we’re sober?” alongside pulsating club beats, inviting the listener to dance too.

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