The Weeknd – The XO Tapes (B-Sides) (Album)

The Weeknd – The XO Tapes (B-Sides) (Album) Zip Download

The Weeknd – The XO Tapes (B-Sides) (Album) Zip Download

Here comes a New Song by ‘The Weeknd‘ titled The XO Tapes (B-Sides). Legit album not available through torrent sites. Please support the artist! buy on iTunes and Amazon. Enjoy!

01. Six Feet Under (OG Version)
02. The Delay
03. Glass Table Girls (OG Version)
04. Airports (The Party & The After Party Demo)
05. Crew Love (OG Solo Version)
06. Motionless
07. Seventeen (Coming Down Demo)
08. Secrets (OG Version) ft. Jr. Hi
09. What You Need (Alternative Version)
10. Gone (Tell Your Friends Demo)
12. Whisperers
13. How Will I Know
14. Quatre Neuf
15. Insomnia
16. When I (Pullin’ Up Demo)
17. Lonely Thoughts
18. Wanna See
19. Out Here
20. I Wanna Feel You
21. Might Not Make It (Open Verses)
22. It’s Ending
23. Girl Born In The 90’s (OG Version)
24. All That Money (6 Inch Heels Demo) ft. Belly
25. Loft Music (OG Version)
26. The Morning (OG Version)
27. Material Girl
28. Rescue You
29. Appointment
30. X-Ray
31. Cure
32. In The Mood
33. Superhero
34. Be God
35. Do It
36. Love Through Her
37. Birthday Suit (Drake Reference)
38. The Zone (Acoustic Version)
39. Montreal (Acoustic Version)
40. Valerie (Acoustic Version)
41. Wicked Games (Acoustic Version)
42. The Knowing (Acoustic Version)
43. Twenty Eight (Acoustic Version)
44. Love Me Harder (Acoustic Version) ft. Ariana Grande
45. My Favorite One Night Stand
46. Happy Birthday
47. Blue Freestyle ft. Jesse Ray
48. FML (OG Version) ft. Kanye West & Travis Scott
49. Valerie (Vladish Edit)
50. Low Life (Chopped & Screwed) (DJYung$avage) ft. Future
51. The Hills (Chopped & Screwed) (DJ Daddy)
52. Starboy (Remix) (Kygo) ft. Daft Punk
53. Party Monster (Chopped Not Slopped) (Candlestick)
54. Reminder (Chopped Not Slopped) (Candlestick)
55. Starboy (Chopped Not Slopped) (Candlestick) ft. Daft Punk

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